Erectile Dysfunction Products

Log before Viagra there were penis pumps.  These devices increase blood flow to the penis mechanically.  Many are FDA approved and considered a safer alternative, especially if you have a condition that makes erectile dysfunction medications risky.  Check out our selection of erectile dysfunction products.

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Erectile dysfunction is the repeated inability to get and maintain erection through the course of sexual intercourse in order to attain the ultimate sexual pleasure. A number of erectile dysfunction drugs are available in the market to help you resolve erectile dysfunction effectively.

Sensations and/or mental stimulation can both initiate an erection. The brain and local nerves send impulses which lead the muscles of the corpora cavernosa to loosen, permitting blood to flow in and seal the spaces. The blood generates pressure in the corpora cavernosa, expanding the penis. The tunica albuginea helps lock in blood in the corpora cavernosa, thus sustaining erection. 

Mechanical devices can assist in this process, and herbal supplements are thought by some to be as effective as prescription medications.  Be sure to order from a reputable company and check the ingredients carefully.