Penis Enlargement Books

Is bigger really better? Not every woman agrees on the answer to this question, but it couldn't be worse, right?  There are lots of books out there describing how to have a larger penis.  There are even a few books that warn about the side-effects of various penis enlargement techniques.  Before you spend good money on a device that may do more harm than good, check out these books on penis enlagement.

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Several studies have shown that women do not really care that much about penis size. Although sexual performance matters more in bed, it also seems that bigger penises cause more stimulation to women. Some studies suggest that men who have bigger penises are more confident and at ease with their masculinity.

Beyond the research findings, your personal opinion of your own adequacy counts more. Do you think that you measure up? If your penis could talk, do you think it would call for Help!?

There are lots of solutions are currently offered to men who believe that their penis size is inadequate. I'm sure you've seem products and/or program endorsements in magazines, tabloids, internet, and on television. These promise to answer the need of men to become more adequate and more fulfilling sex partners. Read more about it in these books.